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Hanover Hockey Association Rules and Regulations

The Hanover Hockey Association operates under organizational guidelines contained in these Rules and Regulations. These bylaws were first established as Articles of Agreement when the association was founded in 1969. Over the last 30 plus years the original bylaws have been amended to include two sections: (1) a Statement of Purpose and (2) Organization of the Association. The following Rules and Regulations were amended and adopted on July 9, 2002 .

1. Statement of Purpose

Hanover Hockey Association (HHA) is a non-profit, volunteer organization whose purpose is to teach youths the skills of ice hockey. The programs offered will initially emphasize basic skating, stick handling and passing skills and later develop team-oriented skills.

Using hockey as the vehicle, the program will also try to encourage a healthy sense of competition and emphasize the satisfaction of being a member of a team. The HHA program will also provide youngsters of all skill levels the opportunity to participate at their own pace.

The secondary goal of the HHA will be to make the hockey program affordable to as many families as possible. Limited financial support will therefore be made available to individuals who could not otherwise participate in the program.

2. Organization of the Association

A The HHA is a member of the New Hampshire Amateur Hockey Association and adheres to all the rules and regulations outlined by this organization.

B.The HHA is registered with the IRS as a not-for-profit organization.

C. Membership status is bestowed on any youngster and his/her family who meets the eligibility requirements (Section H).

D. A Board of Directors consisting of an Executive Committee and General Members will be the policy-making body of the organization. The Board will consist of parents with youngsters in the program or individuals in the community with strong commitments to the philosophy of the HHA program.

1. Board members will serve three-year terms that will be staggered to ensure continuity in leadership. There will be no limit to the number of terms that an individual may serve on the Board.

2. The Executive Committee will consist of the positions and duties described in Section G. Members of the Executive Committee will serve one-year terms. With the exception of a three-year term limit for the position of President, there will be no limit to the number of consecutive terms an individual can serve on the Executive Committee.

3. It is expected that there will be approximately 10 General Members on the Board. General Members will take on special projects or join committees as deemed important by the board or requested by the President.

4. If a member chooses not to serve out an entire three-year term, the President shall appoint a replacement for the remainder of the term.

E. Board membership will be recommended by a Nominating Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

1. The President will recommend the members of the Nominating Committee for approval by the Board of Directors. Ideally, the Nominating Committee will consist of one current member of the Executive Committee, one current member of the General Committee and one person from the association at large.

2. The Nominating Committee will solicit nominations from members of the association and recommend a slate for the Executive Committee and General Board that will be voted upon at the association’s annual meeting. The entire slate must be accepted by a simple majority vote, or a new slate must be presented by the Nominating Committee.

F. The Board of Directors will adhere to the following organizational guidelines:

1. Board Meetings will be open to all members of the association.

2. All policy decisions will be made by a vote taken at an official Board Meeting. The needs of all HHA members shall be considered when making policy decisions.

3. A number equal to one-half of the Board membership will constitute a quorum, and a simple majority rule will decide policy decisions. The President will cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie.

4. Disputes arising within the organization (other than Code of Conduct issues) will usually be addressed by the Board of Directors. However, the President, at his or her discretion, may hold closed-session meetings and/or consult only with select members of the Executive Committee to arbitrate disputes that involve existing policy.

G. The Executive Committee will consist of the following positions and duties:

1. The President will call for regular meetings (at least once per month during the season) and will serve as agenda officer for the meetings. The President will have the power to call an emergency meeting. The President will also schedule an annual meeting (Section J). Finally, the President will hear appeals for any decisions made by the Disciplinary Committee.

2. The Vice President will assume the executive duties of the President if the latter is unable to be present at any Executive Committee meetings. The VP will also act as chair of the Association’s Disciplinary Committee to hear matters involving violations of the Code of Conduct.

3. The Secretary will compile and distribute minutes of Board meetings to all members. The Secretary will also verify that a quorum is present for each vote and verify the eligibility of voting members. The Secretary will also act as vice-chair of the Disciplinary Committee.

4. The Treasurer will take part in the development of an annual budget and will provide the President and Board with periodic updates of the actual budget throughout the year. Treasurer may propose an assistant Treasurer, with approval of the Board, to assist in designated financial matters such as the collection of funds and the payment of bills.

5. The Scheduler will schedule HHA games at all levels and it will be his/her responsibility to ensure that coaches and players are provided with updated schedules. The Scheduler will also schedule ice rental for HHA teams. Scheduler may propose an assistant Scheduler, with approval of the Board, to assist in scheduling duties.

6. The Registrar will maintain a master file of all registered programs, teams and players. It will also be the Registrar’s responsibility to verify all teams and player registration so that it complies with both NHAHA and USA Hockey rules and regulations, and complete all paperwork for appropriate registration of teams and players with the State and National associations.

7. The Coach Coordinator will establish the eligibility of HHA coaches and ensure that all HHA teams are being adequately coached. The Coach Coordinator will also investigate situations where coaching privileges may have to be revoked. The Coach Coordinator will also be sure to inform all coaches of necessary accreditation that they will need to coach teams and inform the coaches of the dates and times of accreditation sessions so that they can receive appropriate accreditation.

8. The Parent Coordinator will work with assigned team parent coordinators to educate the team parent coordinators on their responsibilities and to distribute all needed information to assist the players and parents.

9. The State Delegate will represent the HHA at the NHAHA/USA Hockey state meetings as its official delegate and prepare reports for the benefit of the Board.

10. The Member-at-Large will take on special projects as requested by the President and approved by the Board.

H. Eligibility: The HHA district includes the towns of Hanover , NH ; Lyme , NH ; and Norwich , VT. All youngsters in the district are eligible to become members of the HHA once they register and pay the annual registration fee. The HHA will not actively encourage individuals from other areas to join the HHA, but youngsters from other communities will be allowed to participate as outlined in a separate “Out-of-District” player policy. This policy may place limits on the number of youngsters outside who may participate on an annual basis. HHA will follow home district waiver guidelines required by NHAHA regulations.

I. Changes in Rules and Regulations: The rules and regulations of the Hanover Hockey Association can be changed only by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors at a regularly scheduled meeting.

J. An annual meeting of the HHA membership will be held at a monthly Board of Directors meeting each year as designated by the President. The annual meeting will normally be the May Board of Directors meeting. Agenda items should include review of the annual budget and registration fees in addition to voting on Board nominations. The same quorum guidelines that govern Board Meetings will apply to the annual meeting.