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Thanks for electing to use our on-line Registration system!  Here are the screens you will encounter.

FAMILY ENTRY AND PARTICIPANT SELECTION. If you have pre-registered, your first screen will be a list of family members. You can edit the data by clicking on a name or you can add a new family member on this screen. If any of your children are eligible (by age/gender) for open programs, you'll see a REGISTER button to the left of their name. Click on the REGISTER button to continue.

FIRST REGISTRATION PAGE.  The first registration page asks for name, address, phone numbers, birthdate, gender, etc.  You can register 2 adults, each with separate contact information. You do not need to enter the adults' birthdate(s).

Privacy Dropdown.  You will see a dropdown box next to a number of items. This dropdown lets you control who has access to your contact information. Here are the options and what they do:

     PRIVATE Only the registrar or other system administrators can view your data.
  ROSTER Team members (players, parents, coaches) can view your data.
  PUBLIC Anyone on the planet can view your data.

Text messaging. We'll be emailing you if there are any schedule changes. If you would also like to receive a text message on your cell phone, please enter your cell phone number AND select your carrier from the dropdown list next to the cell phone number.

Reminders.  If you'd like reminders about games and practices, check off the boxes towards the botton of the registration page. Reminders are emailed by the system the evening before an event.

SECOND REGISTRATION PAGE.  The second registration page will ask for some additional information and will have links to some paper forms that USA Hockey or HHA requires for signatures. The system will let you know which paper forms you will need to complete.

CONFIRMATION PAGE. When you have completed a registration, you'll go to a summary page that shows your fee, the HHA mailing address, and gives you a link to edit the information if it is not correct.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask someone at the registration desk.